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At Dick Winters we proudly manufacture our boxer shorts in Scotland.  Our highly specialised factory has a skilled workforce with many years of experience in the textile industry, employing local skilled seamstresses, cutters, designers, pattern makers, pressers and packers.

Social Responsibility

More importantly, our factory prides itself on the satisfaction of not only it’s customers, but it’s employees too. In addition to producing quality craftsmanship, the factory provides meaningful employment plus on-going training & development opportunities to people with disabilities and those marginalised in our society.

Quality & Design

The core philosophy of the factory since its foundation, has always been to design, fit & manufacture garments to the highest possible standards.

There have been many remarkable advances in textile production over the years, some with truly incredible applications, which make life just that little more comfortable and we’re very proud to be associated with this.

However as technology plays an essential & important role in keeping up with todays demanding market place, the basic principles behind the business still remain as they’ve always been & are never compromised.

Quality garments that feel and fit better than anything else on the market will always be what they strive to produce.

Our fabric is sourced from just one manufacturer based in England. A small but very experienced team of individuals who have spent most of their working lives manufacturing fabrics on circular weft knitting machines.

A Lycra® Assured Knitter, fully accredited by Invista (formerly Du Pont) who specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality stretch jersey fabrics knitted with Lycra® or elastane, to provide advanced comfort and fit to any garment.

They knit all of their specialised fabrics in their English based factory, with all dyeing, finishing and printing performed there too.

Quality, Experience & Commitment

They have a commitment to build-in quality at every stage of the manufacturing process from purchasing the best quality yarns and fibres to knitting them on the best available knitting machinery – all machines are made by Monarch, and all fabrics are knitted in their own factory under close supervision, processed by the most experienced dyers, finishers and printers in the UK.


By being so close to their product they are able to offer that extra degree of control over their fabrics than others who farm out their knitting to sub contractors or who import fabrics from whoever costs the least.


Because of their size and experience, they offer us that extra element of personal service and delivery performance to make things run like clockwork.

The Fabric we use

For our DW Classic and Dicks of Distinction Collection we use Meryl / Lycra® − Performance Fabrics Meryl / Lycra® actisytem fabric has the superior performance benefits of modern fibre technology with an exceptionally soft handle combined with durability and robustness.

Lycra® allows the fabric to stretch 5 times in length with full recovery to give enhanced fit and performance characteristics including four-way stretch. It is fully breathable and its moisture management performance keeps you cool and dry.

Light and windproof, Meryl / Lycra® also dries quickly. The comfort and stretch of this fabric cannot be beaten and it offers excellent protection to UVA and UVB rays from exposure to sunlight. To top this off Meryl keeps its vibrant colour and softness, wash, after wash, after wash.

For our Black Tie and Heritage Collections we use a premium quality combed cotton, with 8% lycra for 4 way stretch.  Knitted and dyed in the UK on the only pad bath dying machinery in the country.  This process is more gentle, resulting in a smooth, crease free, pristine finish.


Heritage & Expertise

Our satin woven label manufacturer was founded in 1972 – and now are the last 100% UK manufacturer in this specialist field. A family run business with the co-founder still actively involved.

Through large scale investment in production and the latest design technology – all orders are manufactured from concept to completion at their own mill.

Heritage & Expertise

The factory opened it’s doors for business in 1919 and they’ve come an awful long way since then. They have evolved from a local supplier of fabric labels to those traditional industries, into an internationally recognised supplier to the new industries they now serve. It is with great pride that they continue to be, for many discerning customers, the print supplier of choice.

By investing in new technology they have remained the leading player in their field.