It shall come as no surprise that a gentleman should always, always, be of a high dress standard and though one’s lapel may fall victim to the odd splash of Pimm’s we can forgive this. However there are certainly a few suiting errors than one can absolutely not forgive, not at all. It is every man’s right to wear a spiffingly special suit and done correctly it will send you cock a hoop. The don’ts are just as important as the do’s so listen up chaps!

It’s okay to fasten the bottom button of your suit jacket, yes? Codswallop! When wearing a suit jacket one must follow these simple rules. Firstly always, when standing, fasten the top button and when seated undo that same button. Even this little detail will show your present company you know your way around the garment. Secondly, as previously touched upon, do not ever do the bottom button. Even if you firmly believe it looks better, I can confirm this now my dear boy, it does not. It shall make you appear every bit the dilettante. The top button on a two button is essential, the middle button on a three button is essential and the top button is optional. These are all the buttons that need your consideration.


Point number two is that you must focus on the fundamentals before getting carried away with the flash. One does not simply polish a… well, you know the ending. A little flare can go a long way, a tie clip, pocket square, a lapel pin, all splendid! But it won’t cover up a poorly fitted get-up. If you happen to have an extra spot of cash and are irresolute on where it should go in the way of accessories you should remember that it simply should not. Take your spanking two piece to a gentleman tailor for a shrewder investment.

We shall make point three the last, I have an old fashioned to get to and you have a suit to purchase. One of the most common mistakes made by those new to the world of the suit is matching belts with shoes. The leather absolutely must match, no exceptions so take whichever you happen to have already with you when shopping for the other and compare. This little trip can be avoided when wearing a three piece as you should not be wearing a belt with a waistcoat but rather suspenders, another slapdash mistake made by the neophytes.

So there you are chaps, a swift refresher course on some of the do’s and don’ts in regards to the gentlemanly right that is the suit. No need to get flummoxed and get carried away with the foofaraw! Now, where did I leave that old fashioned?

Look suave carrying this classy concoction:

Double measure rye whisky

Double measure rye whisky

10ml elderflower liqueur

10ml velvet falernum

2 dashes grapefruit bitters

1 barspoon dry vermouth

Stir into an ice-filled mixing glass, strain into the most flamboyant glassware you have and garnish with a twist of lemon rind.

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