It’s that time of year again my dear friends – our loved ones celebrate the end of university and enter the big bad world! Just the mere thought of buying graduation gifts can be most uninspiring.

But don’t fret! Dick Winters luxury boxers have got you covered!

Typical graduation gifts often include the obligatory ‘Congratulations!’ mug, or engraved champagne flute if we’re flashing the cash. Why not buy him something unique yet practical, a gift that he’ll actually use!  Our ‘Clever Dick’ boxers from the Dick Winters Distinctive Collection foot the bill perfectly. With our Graduate gift box, ‘Clever Dick’ woven label featuring on the back – what’s not to like? Personalised and practical, available in four classic colours; navy, black, white and claret.



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He’s worked so hard along the way, doesn’t he deserve the best on graduation? Not only are our boxers a stylish prized possession, they are also extremely comfortable. Afterall, the pressure of a graduation ceremony can be daunting even before you factor in the long, flowy robe that’s just begging to make you trip and fall flat on your face in front of hundreds of people. How ghastly!

Luckily, our boxer shorts offer a four way stretch to ensure that your graduate is filled with complete comfort and confidence in order to strut that stage in style!

clevaaaIt is safe to say that a pair of Dick Winters is a lifelong investment. A luxury garment that one will wear to his first job interview, the local pub quiz night and any other life event where one feels they need that extra boost of ‘Clever Dick’ confidence.

There is nothing worse than purchasing a graduation gift that will be flung to the back of the cupboard or worse flung into the nearest bin!

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I sincerely hope you take some time to check out our quirky range and invest in a brilliantly unique pair to honour their success!

Don’t forget to use GRAD16 at the checkout for 20% off! Splendid saving I say!


As always, celebrate this momentous occasion with a Classic Champagne Cocktail – a beverage that will set aside those pesky nerves on the big day!

Classic Champagne Cocktail

1 white sugar cube

2 dashes bitters

20ml/¾fl oz cognac

enough champagne to fill the glass

  1. Place the sugar cube onto a spoon and add the bitters.
  2. Drop the soaked sugar cube into a champagne flute and add the cognac.
  3. Top up the glass with champagne and serve.



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