“Being a gentleman of principle is a matter of choice”

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Dick Winters is the quintessentially British brand of fine luxury underwear for gentlemen. We make exclusively for the man that appreciates true quality, and British craftsmanship.

We are hugely passionate about being ‘Made in Britain’, and it’s our core mission to actively drive the resurgence of British manufacturing through everything that we do.

Right from the very beginning, it was our ambition to responsibly build a sustainable, ethical, British supply chain, showcasing the exceptional British craftsmanship and quality that exists here in good ol’ Blighty.

We ask, why go abroad for fabric when one can source British woven ‘top notch’ fabrics right here at home?

At Dick Winters, we’ve created a truly unique, genuinely British underwear brand, celebrating our essence of classic, understated style, combined with our somewhat eccentric individuality and a soupcon of our renowned sense of humour!

It’s inherent to us to value our history and skill base, to promote our quintessential Britishness in all that we design.

We take pride in using the finest quality materials, techniques and designs.  We work with British factories that live up to our most exacting standards, and stitched into every item is their years of experience and heritage.

At Dick Winters, we wholeheartedly support the preservation and growth of our skilled workforce, and proudly work with factories in Scotland and England, with successful apprenticeship programmes in place, to crucially breathe fresh life into the industry to help secure a prosperous future.

To pioneer British craftsmanship and to value and build upon our skilled workforce – preserving traditional techniques and heritage whilst driving forward with leading edge technology.

We aim to reach the corners of the globe promoting Genuinely British Attire, and play our part in exporting British craftsmanship once again!