Holiday season is upon us gentlemen and golly do we like to splurge for such an occasion! Shopping for that stylish holiday wardrobe can be somewhat strenuous, but don’t get yourselves in a tizzy dear chaps. We’ve sussed the 4 key holiday essentials to succeed in being dashingly dressed in the scorching sun…

(1) Straw Hat

A summer accessory that never ceases to go out of fashion. Not only will you look stylish and stay safe in the sun, dapper celebrities Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell have also been spotted sporting this trend!


A handsome panama hat will look leagues better than a humble sports cap when it comes to keeping the sun at bay.

And one will avoid the dreaded hat hair with a light hat rather than a tight cap!


(2) Sunglasses

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You are probably thinking, “Of course sunglasses are a holiday essential Dick!”, but what you may not know is the type of sunglasses that suit your face shape.

Luckily, I have found the perfect guide to find the most suitable shades for avoiding that pesky sun squint glare.



(3) Evening/Daytime Shirt

For men who spend their lives in suits and smartwear, holiday attire can be a welcome release. However, that needn’t mean that you let loose and forget all style rules – just because the shirt and tie have been retired for a couple of weeks, there is no excuse for crocs and camo print shorts!

A smart yet comfortable shirt that is versatile for during the day as well as for evening is essential for any dapper gent. Check out my top two favourite shirts below.


Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Solid Poplin Shirt in Baby Blue Long Sleeved (can roll up sleeves): £85

Evening look: team with white smart chino trousers and patterned espadrille shoes for a classic evening look

Day time look: team with white linen shorts or denim shorts and a pair of navy flip flops


Jack Wills Stableton Rower Print SS Shirt: £49.50

Evening look: team with navy trousers, brown belt and tanned loafers


Daytime look: team with dark denim shorts or cotton navy shorts with black/blue flip flops and a straw hat (of course)

(4) Underwear

Dick Winters boxers certainly do the trick in keeping one cool below deck. Our Actisystem microfibre is not only breathable and temperature regulating, but offers UVA/B protection too! Underwear will sure be the least of your worries when strutting your stuff in the sun! Find the link to our store at the bottom of the page to purchase yours today. Plus get 20% off with online code ‘Summer16’ !!


Well that’s my top 4 holiday essentials for your suitcase’s chaps!

I sure do hope you stay safe (and more importantly) stylish in the sun!

Bon Voyage


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